Residential Architecture is our forte. We’ve been changing families lives for the last 30 years – designing functional and desirable homes which last the test of time. 

Designing and building a home will likely be the single biggest purchase you’ll make, in your entire life. So to begin the process our team is patient and helpful to ensure all your design questions are answered.

With a proven reputation for designing homes around New Zealand, we pride ourselves on reliable, factual advice and local expertise to guide you through the design process and begin your build project. Put your confidence in a team that will confidently design you a home that fits your budget, meets your needs, and surpasses your expectations.



Communication, expertise & patience. 

These are the top three reasons why our clients chose to work with Arcline, after we conducted a study of our past residential clients. They commended us on our timely and helpful communication, backed by our 30 years of expertise, and our patience whilst they worked through the design process, asserting no pressure. 


Every residential project needs at least three things. Design ideas, detailed drawings, and consents & permits. Without these, the project cannot come to life. Every project requires a different level of these three items before construction can begin. 


To accurately interpret your dreams, we designers need you to show us your ideas and inspiration. Every project, no matter how big or small, needs design ideas to begin with, which drives the shape, style, size and layout of the home. 



With the growing amount of regulation and consents, detailed sets of drawings showing every facet how a home is to be built are only increasing in size and complexity. Every day we hone our drawing skills so we can accurately detail every element in your build. 



Every home needs at least a building consent, if not a resource consent, earthworks permit, crossing permit, to name a few. We take care of it all for you, liaising with Council and other consultants to speedily get your project the needed approvals. 


Ring us, email us, or message us. Our helpful Team are always ready to discuss your project with you, and provide initial help and advice to get your project moving.

Then, download the design process roadmap below and get an understanding of the next steps. We start with a site visit, but before we discuss any layout options we consider your site and its external features, the sun, and shadows, prevailing winds and rain, service connections, neighbour proximity, and any visual characteristics of the location. 

You’ll also want to think about where children or pets will play, if you want a garage, how many bedrooms and bathrooms are needed, and any entertaining areas that may require some extra thought.

The layout of your home follows, and if you’ve got some home floor plan ideas and some photos of house designs you like, we start with these and adapt them to suit the site and your project desires and dreams. Going to open homes, visiting design studios, and saving inspiration on Pinterest are some great places to get ideas.

This is where we can also discuss the potential integration of eco features in your home architecture plan. We have a lot of experience designing homes that have a minimum impact on the environment and that are made with approved materials.

Nature itself can also play a part in the design of your home, using sun and fauna to provide comfort without having to create it yourself is an important consideration in the design process.

Designing a home is a journey full of options and decisions, and it’s our job to ensure we help you to make these choices correctly, so you’ll be overwhelmed with the beauty and practicality of your new home.


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Below are three helpful documents which we’d recommend you download to start your journey to a new home. 


A simple, one page roadmap showing visually the various steps in the design process. 



Create your project brief with this short template, to give to your Architect. 



52 helpful tips to assist your thinking when designing or building a home in NZ.

Hands on experience you can trust.

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