How to write a brief for an Architect?

It’s at the start of every project, yet often the most overlooked and crucial step. But often we hear the words – ‘how do I write a brief for an Architect?’

As designers we see a lot of varying briefs, long and short, detailed and simple. Some clients want to express everything in words, others with pictures. The key thing we need is to understand (with words and/or pictures), what you’re dreaming, what’s inside your mind.

At the end of the day, any brief is great. As long as we know the key points – your budget, the needed spaces and some idea of the style you like, that’s a great start. 

To solve any confusion, we’ve written a short template brief. Enough things to get you thinking but not excessively long and complicated. Get your free copy of it below. 



Using pictures in a brief 

The power of photography. We always encourage our clients to use websites like and Pinterest to gather ideas for their home design. The key thing is to then collate them into the brief, specifically stating with each one what you like or dislike within the image. 

By looking at a collage of pictures you like, we designers can quickly hone in on the style you adore, and integrate that within the initial concepts. 

It’s in my mind, I just can’t convey it…

Firstly, you’re not alone. The moment when you have an idea to tell your Architect and you just can’t quite get it out. The key thing is to just start, start explaining, even if it’s a confusing ramble. It’s our job to decipher your communication and pull out key parts of it into design elements. 

This applies for writing a brief – if you don’t know where to start – just start anywhere. You’ll find after you start thinking about certain area’s of your house the ideas and thoughts will flow onto the page. 

So how do I write a brief for an Architect?

Download the above template and simply start writing. It won’t cover all the questions your Architect or designer will ask you but it’ll cover the basics, enough to get the project off the ground. 

Think of the way you live, the way you’d like to live, special spaces you’d like, the feelings you want from the spaces. That’s key. Do you love dark, moody, cosy atmospheres, or white, light and airy spaces. What makes you feel great. Where have you been before now that’s given you those feelings, what was it about those places and spaces….convey it all to your Architect. 

We wish you the best on your design journey – The Arcline Architecture Team. 

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