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To assist with idea gathering for your upcoming build project, see the below range of floor plans available for free download. Diverse in size and style, Arcline Architecture’s floor plan designs have something to suit everyone’s needs & wishes. From a small, 2 bedroom bach to a large family home, you’ll find the ideas and inspiration you’re looking for. 

Any of the floor plan layouts can be modified to suit your site and individual needs. Floor plans can also be enhanced with special options to cater for your personal taste and style.

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'Designing Your Home'



All of our architectural floor plans begin by putting good old-fashioned lead to paper. We begin by looking at the site, its onsite and external features including; wind, sun, views, access, hazards, services and much more. 

By building a set of parameters to work within we can begin placing rooms in the floor plan. Following that we look at shape and form, working through both practical and aesthetic components to achieve a final floor plan layout for your home design. 

Although we are firm believers in designing homes to suit the site and its surroundings, having floor plans to get ideas from is a great help in the beginning. 


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