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To assist with idea gathering for your upcoming build project, see the below range of floor plans available for free download. Diverse in size and style, Arcline Architecture’s floor plan designs have something to suit everyone’s needs & wishes. From a small, 2 bedroom bach to a large family home, you’ll find the ideas and inspiration you’re looking for. 

Any of the floor plan layouts can be modified to suit your site and individual needs. Floor plans can also be enhanced with special options to cater for your personal taste and style.

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All of our architectural floor plans begin by putting good old-fashioned lead to paper. We begin by looking at the site, its onsite and external features including; wind, sun, views, access, hazards, services and much more. 

By building a set of parameters to work within we can begin placing rooms in the floor plan. Following that we look at shape and form, working through both practical and aesthetic components to achieve a final floor plan layout for your home design. 

Although we are firm believers in designing homes to suit the site and its surroundings, having floor plans to get ideas from is a great help in the beginning. 


floor plan design faq's

Why do I need a floor plan? 
A floor plan is one of the most helpful plans when it comes to designing a building or home. It shows the overall shape, size and dimensions of the exterior and interior walls of the home or building. This then translates into the features around the exterior of the home – how the driveway and entrances will sit, how we can get the most out of the sunlight, how any wind, surrounding trees, and powerlines will affect different aspects of the design, and how to get the best views.

Can I buy a floor plan in isolation from Arcline Architecture? 
No, we don’t sell floor plan drawings or elevation sketches separately, they are part of our main design package. You can download our above floor plan designs for ideas, but every Arcline designed home is designed specifically for the site it is situated on. 

Can I bring my own design to use? 
Yes, we welcome your ideas if you’ve already put them into a floor plan layout. But keep in mind that we will need to draw up an architectural floor plan too. 

How do I read my floor plan or other ones I find online? 
We have a helpful guide on reading floor plans that you can find here

What scale are floor plans designed to?
Here at Arcline Architecture, our floor plans are most often drawn to a 1:100 scale (which can be found in the title block on the sheet) which means 1cm = 1m. Floor plans is also where we calculate many square metres your house will be.  

Can I make adjustments after you’ve drawn the floor plan? 
Yes, part of the design process is making sure you are happy with the floor plan design, and after considering the aspects of the site like sun, wind, and views, if you aren’t 100% happy, we will work with you through design variations until the design is suitable to both your wants, needs, and most importantly, your budget. 

Will my floor plan include furniture or floor coverings? 
Both! Floor plans are a birds-eye view of the building as if you had taken the roof off and were looking inside. You should be able to see wall thicknesses, room sizes, floor coverings like carpet or tiles, decking, and furniture like beds and cupboards. 

Are your floor plans customised?
Yes, because every building site is different, and every client has different needs, wants and budget, every floor plan is different. The shape, layout and size of the spaces both inside and outside the home vary because of a multitude of factors.

Can I design my own floor plan?
We don’t advise it. It sounds simple, but in fact it’s more difficult than it looks. Often we’re approached with floor plan designs that look ok in 2D, but when the rooflines and site positioning are considered the many external factors don’t gel together. You’re best to leave it to the professionals. 

What are common floor plan sizes?
In New Zealand we calculate the size of a floor plan by square metres (m2). A small floor plan is generally under 100m2, standard homes in NZ are around 100-300m2, and anything over 300m2 is considered a large home. It’s not unusual for floor plan sizes above 500m2 though! 

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