Architectural Design Fees

Our architectural design fees vary project to project, but we’d like to give you a guide to begin with. 

We calculate and quote fees for each project individually, depending on the project style, size and complexity.

However, to help you know what to budget for, we’ve simplified it to percentages of your total build cost. 

Typical New Residential Project:
Covers most new build projects for new homes. Includes the below.

  • Site Visit
  • Sketch Concepts 
  • CAD Concepts
  • Resource Consent Drawings 
  • Building Consent Drawings & Specifications 
  • Building Consent Submission

Total Fees Estimate: 3-5% of the total project value.
Example: For a new house with a construction cost of $600,000+gst the Design fee at 5% would be $30,000 + GST. 

Many factors cause this fee percentage to vary. For example, a single storey 250m2 home on a flat site is quite a different project to a 250m2 3-storey home on a steep site with multiple architectural features.

Typical Renovation Project:
Sorry, our services don’t include renovations or alterations! Please try another design firm. 

Schools, Marae, Retirement Villages, Multi-Unit Developments, Commercial Projects:
Our fees vary from project to project, please contact us to discuss your project and we can help you further! 

Fee Exclusions
The above fees exclude any other consultant or council fees, for example – Council Resource and Building Consent fees, Geotechnical Report, Structural Engineer, Landscape Designer, Surveyor, Kitchen or Interior Design. This is as their costs can vary from $0 to $alot depending on your project.

Construction monitoring fees are also excluded – we can price separately if required for your project. 

How do we invoice our fees? 

1) We begin with a set fee:
Site Visit & Sketch Concepts:  $4000+GST 
Note location and project type may vary this fee, we’ll notify you if so. 

2) We then provide a Design Agreement:
Once the sketch concepts are completed we’ll prepare a fixed price (not %) Design Agreement for the remainder of the Design Process through to issued Building Consent.

1) and 2) together usually total 4-5% of project construction value, as outlined above. 

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