Jasmine – 3 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom Plan

Jasmine – 3 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom Plan

The JASMINE: THREE Bedroom, TWO bathroom floor plan

With the attributes of a stealth bomber, this low lying three bedroom house plan is certainly going to hide into whatever landscape its located in. Expansive outdoor areas along the North side of the house flow around to a enclosed outdoor space ‘inside’ the house. 

The third bedroom can become a gym,  making this home perfect for either a small family or a couple who wish to have two entertainment or leisure rooms with one spare bedroom for guests. 




3 + Office 




Expansive glass front, low 3 degree pitch hip roof, multiple outdoor areas





    When we design our homes we do our best to steer clear of membrane roofs and parapets. With years of both building and design experience those are the items that are most likely to leak. Therefore, to get the low impact ‘stealth’ look on this home we used a three degree hip roof. With a 2.7m stud height, and because you’re mostly looking at your home from a low angle, it looks as though it has a flat roof. 

    This design prides itself with multiple outdoor living spaces. The patio along the front, the Northern nook with a possible double sided fire from inside. The southern deck, and the deck adjoining bedroom 2, backing onto the outdoor fire. 

    Multiple outdoor living spaces positioned in various places ensure you’ve always got somewhere to hide from the wind and rain, should you wish to get some fresh air when the weathers not so flash. 

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