Commercial Architecture covers a variety of projects – office blocks, industrial buildings, winery’s, resorts, sports facilities and other large scale projects. Whatever it may be, we’ll likely have design skills to assist, as we celebrate our 30th year in business. 

Surrounded by a polished team of sub-consultants including Geotechnical, Structural & Fire Engineers, Fitout Specialists and Cultural Advisors, we bring the best minds together to form the ideal design to meet your brief, then execute it through to completion. 

We’ve also embraced Artificial Intelligence into our design process, as seen by the image on the right. With the ability to produce large amounts of images driven by simple sketch designs we can fast-track the design process and help you choose the ideal building design for your project. 




Our Team embrace modern elements of commercial architecture design, allowing spaces to be functional yet aesthetically pleasing. It’s about creating areas people want to be in, to enjoy. 

Commercial Architecture is there primarily to serve a purpose for a specific group of people, but that shouldn’t hinder them being fun and interesting, creating that ‘I want to go in there’ feeling. 

Here at Arcline, every business and project we work with has unique requirements, and we have innovative ways to bring them to life without encroaching on the eloquence and beauty of the building design.



Every Commercial project is different, whether it be a resort, industrial project or winery. Some require in-depth customer understanding to aid the design process, others have a myriad of consents and permits to work through. Whatever challenges and hurdles your project faces, our friendly and talented team of designers and project support team can assist you through the process. 
That’s why we offer the following services, on nearly every Commercial Architecture project:



Consenting & PERMITS



Designing Commercial buildings, to be used privately or publicly, is equally as much about the coordination between sub-consultants and trades as it is about the design of the building itself. 

Arcline has worked on both large and small commercial projects with well over 20 consultants each having their required input, which takes accurate communication and skill to manage, which our team is very capable of. 

Think of the plans being the hub of the wheel, with spokes out to the various clients, consultants and advisors. With this in mind, choose your design team wisely. Speak to us today. 

Hands on experience you can trust.

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