Arcline Architecture has been involved in the design and project management of many education projects, providing schools and other learning facilities with state of the art learning and teaching spaces.

Our extensive past experience and innovative ideas for the education sector have led to Arcline becoming Northland’s leading education architectural designers. 

From classroom refurbishments, new technology blocks or gyms, to complete new school builds we make sure your school has the best learning facilities available.

We deliver beautiful environments your staff and students will love. 



One of the key talents of a good Education related design firm is understanding how the Ministry of Education (MOE) system works, and using it to your schools best advantage. We’ve worked alongside MOE for over 20 years, and have solid relationships with the key decision makers within the organisation who can get projects moving – quickly. 

Setting realistic budgets for upcoming projects, accurately planning them into the Property Plans, and understanding project priorities is our Education design teams strength. 

As our Education clients say – ‘They’re easy to deal with and always happy to help with any request’, and ‘They’ve a hands on approach to our projects, from start to finish.’




Getting the design right is imperative as Education projects have many stakeholders – Teachers, students and the school board has needs, wants, and most importantly, a budget.

We ensure the design of any new school buildings satisfies as many factors as possible, ensuring learning spaces are modern and the buildings are low maintenance and robust. 

We also process all required consents for new buildings and engage and manage required sub-consultants for each project.



While a new school building is being processed through Council, we put the project out for tender, manage the tendering process and assist the School Board in selecting the most suitable contractor for the project. 

We then Project Manage the build, providing regular site visits and meetings with the School Board and the contractors to ensure building accuracy and respective timelines are met. 




Having a deep understanding of the Ministry of Educations funding system is key to getting the best buildings and spaces for your school.

We’ve worked with the Ministry of Education for many years, helping public schools with ten year property plans and budgets. 

Our background in building means we can accurately assess the existing buildings and provide a detailed report on each with suggested upgrades and refurbishments to each building in the coming years.

Being a beginning principal I knew absolutely nothing – literally. So working with Arcline and becoming familiar with property, building plans was an eye-opening challenge.  It took some time and I found working with the Team a pleasant experience as they’re experienced in this field and aware of the limited knowledge that I had.”

This was feedback received from a new principal at a school we were working with, and you can see the trust they needed in the Arcline Team to deliver exactly what they wanted for their students.

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Hands on experience you can trust.

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