Opito Bay House

Sited near Opito Bay is this pod formed home overlooking the Kerikeri Inlet, near the Bay of Islands.

With a large, two hectare, bush-clad site and amazing views to the West, the location of the home was special from the beginning. Wanting the home to blend into the hillside we chose to use cedar cladding and a dark colored roof, mimicking the surrounding hillside. 

This home was a unique yet simple design of three interlinking pods. When inside the home it doesn’t feel like its in a pod-like layout, whereas outside, and namely from the driveway entry, the home has an aesthetic of three small gabled pavilions grounded to the hillside. 

The entry to the home is between two pods. The pod on the left is the homes three bedrooms, and the pod to the right is the garage, second lounge and stairway to the attic storage space. Skylights give natural light to the attic space. 

Directly ahead in the hallway leads to the third pod. This is the kitchen, dining and living, and has maximum glass to magnify the views directly in front of the home. Both sides of the living area have sliding glass doors, giving the rear of the house shelter from the sea breezes whilst retaining the view on the other side of the living. 

Cedar cladding with a corrugate roofing keeps the home looking simple and attractive, living up to the well known saying – ‘less is more’. 

This is the perfect place to call home, something subtle yet quality, hidden yet open. 


213 square metres









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