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Paihia, known as the gateway to the majestic Bay of Islands, has amazing Architecture hidden away in the hills. We’re privileged to have been part of the Paihia Architecture scene for the last 30 years, designing homes not only in Paihia but the surrounding areas – Opua, Russell, Kerikeri and the wider Bay of Islands. 

Paihia Architecture – The Home On This Page 

The home seen on this page was the second home we’d designed for these lovely clients. Both homes were designed and built in the Totara Heights subdivision – a tricky, tight subdivision nestled in the bush clad hills above Paihia. 


The sites are small and tight. This site was 347m2 with a considerable slope, similar to many of the sites around Paihia and Russell. With both of these towns lacking flat land to develop, the hills behind them are being developed with strict bush covenants and material color schemes.

Although the site had constraints, we successfully designed the home to fit perfectly within the surrounding bush. The afternoon sun (as you’ll see from the images below) gives the home a camouflage-like appearance. Downstairs is 77m2, including a double garage and a separate bedroom with a kitchenette and bathroom. Upstairs is 122m2 and includes the kitchen/dining/living spaces with a bedroom on either side, each with their own bathroom and wardrobe.


Designing A Home In Paihia 

Paihia township has a beautiful Easterly perspective, making for stunning sunrises over the calm waters inside the bay. In the afternoon the wind can pick up a little and the prevailing wind is from the Southwest, meaning the hills behind the town shelter the majority of this. 

When designing a home it’s imperative to consider all the external factors. Wind, sun, views, access and services to name a few. After designing many homes in Paihia and the Bay of Islands our Team has a great grasp on the environment of the area and how to design to maximise some elements and block out others. 

Following a well tuned design process is key. Take a look at our design process here and download our simple roadmap which will help you understand the steps involved in designing your own home in Northland. 


Are There Builders In Paihia?
As with all of our projects, we have a very good handle on the builders that are not only good, but are available for your build. During the building consent process we always help our clients find and choose a builder to work with after the consent is issued. 

Depending on the design style, site and size of the project we decide which builders are best to speak to for your project. Finding a builder nearby your build that you can get on with is key to the project being a success. Remember – its at least a 6 month build, so you want to be on the same page! 

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Arcline Architecture Projects Around Paihia
As mentioned earlier, we’ve been designing homes in and around Paihia and the Bay of Islands since 1993. This, as you can imagine, equates to quite a number of successful home designs over the last 30 years.

 Below are some of the other projects around Paihia and the surrounding areas we’ve designed: 

This is only a short list of the examples of Paihia Architecture projects we’ve been involved with, so contact our Team if you’d like to know more addresses of homes we’ve designed. 


How Do I Get Started?
Reach out to the Arcline Architecture Team today, by calling us on 09 408 2233 or by submitting a contact form here to have a discussion with an expert.

It’s well within our skillset to take you by the hand and guide you through the design process and help create your dream home. 

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