Elevation Sketches

So you’ve decided to build a house and want to know what it will look like? That’s when you need some house plans and elevation drawings, and that’s exactly what Arcline Architecture can do for you. As a team of architectural designers, contract architects and project managers, we have the experience you need to create the perfect home for your family.

When building a house, there are two basic types of visual representations to consider: elevation sketches and floor plans. Allow us to show you the benefits and shortcomings of each.


Elevation Sketches

A house elevation sketch, or elevation sketch, is a two-dimensional drawing of your house showing you a preview from all four sides — the north, the east, the south, and the west. These sketches are created along with sketching floor plans.

Elevation sketches are more accessible because they are visually appealing and allow you to preview the bulk, height, window sizes, and cladding choices. They often offer colours for more convenience. They will also help to respect council zone rules and inter-proprietary boundary rules. They’re important in determining what cladding is used, not only aesthetically but to comply with the building code to respect your durability choices. For each elevation, we calculate a ‘risk matrix’ that determines what claddings can be used and whether they need to be fixed to the wall with or without a cavity behind them.

Pros & Cons of Elevation Sketches


  • Allows you to choose the design of the house
  • It helps visualise the materials being used
  • It’s the closest representation of the final look of your house


  • Drawings represent a 3D space in 2D
  • It’s not a building plan, and you’ll still need detailed drawings and specifications

Floor Plans

A scaled floor plan shows the interior of your future home from above. It will show each room with the furniture and how everything will be spaced. It lets you visualise how you can move within the space and how each room connects. 

When you want a projection of your house, it’s important to see both the floor plan and elevation sketches to get an overall view of the final project.


Discover Your Future Home Today!

At Arcline, we have the necessary expertise to help you start your project with a package including elevation sketches and floor plans, so you can decide on your house’s style and overall design before starting anything.

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