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Looking for a Northland Architect? Our design foundation is years of hands-on building experience ensuring our designs are practical and designed to budget.

Whether you live here, or are moving here…

You may already live in Northland, or you might be looking to shift to Northland. Either way, using a local Northland Architect to design your project ensures the best project outcome. Our intuitive understanding of your site counts for days of research.

When it comes to design & consenting, we’ll help step you through the process. Whether its your dream home, retirement home, bach or Airbnb investment.

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Northland’s Uniqueness

So many of Northland’s properties are snugged into the rugged East & West coastlines. Steep, difficult sites with tricky access are common, in aid of one item – the amazing view. 
Hundreds of desolate beaches, great fishing and white sandy beaches at your fingertips. It’s the perfect place to build your dream home. 

Offices in Kaitaia, Kerikeri, Whangarei  

Although we design houses throughout New Zealand, our primary offices are in Kaitaia, Kerikeri & Whangarei. We’ve been designing homes for over 20 years in Northland so our ‘architectural presence’ is fairly high. Hundreds of homes in the regionhave been designed by our skilled team of Northland Architects & Architectural Designers. 

Our Background in Building  

Arcline started as a building company, way back in the 1990’s. We then evolved to doing design & build projects for a number of years. Then with the vision of being the best Northland Architect, since early 2000’s we focussed solely on design. 
These roots in the building industry keep us intelligent and up to date with the latest building costs and processes. This ensures our homes are designed to your budget, contrary to ‘over-designing’, a common mistake.  

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The Design & Consenting Process

Consents & Permits

We work on a daily basis with the teams in the Far North District Council, the Whangarei District Council and the Kaipara District Council. As a result we have close relationships with key council employees which helps smooth out the building process and aids any challenges along the way. 

When designing a house, the district council may require you to get various consents and permits. Whether it be a Resource Consent, Earthworks Permit, Building Consent, PIM (Project Information Memorandum), Crossing Permit, Services Permit, Arcline can process these for you to save you the time and hassle. 


Why should I use a Northland Architect?

First of all, you can’t beat in-bred knowledge of the sun, wind, rain, and our ‘four seasons in one day’ climate. Not only do our entire team live in Northland but the subconsultants who surround us create a formidable team with knowledge of local topography, soil types, climate and much more. 

Furthermore, having worked with good (and bad) builders and tradesmen over many years we can steer you towards the professionals who will deliver your home in perfection rather than cutting corners to the finished result. 

‘De-Engineering’ the Design

A commonly used term in the design and construction industry is ‘over-engineering’. In contrast we use ‘de-engineering’. This is due to reducing the amount of engineering required in a build while achieving the same design factor. This consequently ensures that design and build costs are kept economical through wise choices of materials and methodology. 

I don’t live in Northland. Does that hinder the design process?

No. For example, one of our clients visited New Zealand, purchased a property in Russell, and flew back to USA. We communicated via video call through the design and consenting process and assisted the builder throughout the build. Their next visit to New Zealand was when their home was fully completed. It was just as they’d expected, and they were highly impressed. 

Your Next Steps 

Contact the Arcline Team for a free phone consultation, where we’ll run you through our process and discuss your property (or properties you’re looking at) and discuss design possibilities and anything else you wish to discuss. 

We look forward to hearing from you. 


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