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Suddenly its Winter and we’re all thinking about how to keep warm! When designing your new home, researching the best winter heating systems and finding what will work best for you is important. Here are some options to help you along the way to a warm home, with warm water & warm rooms. 

1. Fires

Fires can be freestanding or built-in and can be gas or wood burning. Arcline will advise on what type you can have on your site as they have to comply with the NZ Clean Air Act. In some of the North Island regions having compliant open fires is fine, however if you live in the South Island open fires are not permitted, so ask your local Council what fires are acceptable which will lessen your purchasing options.

Chimneys look great on the outside of a home and give it great character, but a built-in fire and chimney can add around $15,000 to your build cost.


2. Hot Water Heating 

Gas Califonts are very common now and are very economical as you are only heating the water you need, as you use it. Their installation cost is higher than a hot water cylinder though, and you have to ensure your gas bottles are kept full, either by yourself or with a gas delivery company in your area. 

More hot water Heatpumps are being used now with solar electric panels to power them. Wet back fires and Solar hot water systems are also being used but are less common.    

3. Solar Heating Systems

Photovoltaic PV systems are becoming more popular and can be stand alone or grid feedback connected. Pricing can range from $20,000-$80,000. Ensure you have a good look at the Payback calculations as it can be 10-15 years. It is essential to have a backup generator. has a free solar calculator tool that gives Kw/yr/m2 for your site and helps with the orientation of solar panels on your home.


4. Windows & Doors

Traditionally double and triple glazed glass has been used widely as an insulation barrier on doors and windows. A new option is called ‘Low-E Glass’ which stands for ‘low emissivity’. This glass means your interior home environment is separated nearly completely from the external cold and heat. In winter its a better thermal barrier and in summer it prevents solar rays entering your home. However, double and triple glazed glass is still very good. 


5. Air-con/Heat Pumps:

These are extremely common now, both high wall heat pumps and ducted air-con in homes. Remember – if you have them running all the time your power bill will be excessive! However you can choose low energy usage brands to combat this. Ducted air-con is much more expensive than high wall units, and often struggles to have the same impact that a high wall has, especially if you have visitors in on a hot day. 

Winter heating systems: To conclude

Remember, not only is there the install cost of these winter heating systems, but keep in mind and research the running costs. You don’t want to invest all your hard earned money into a system which you cannot then afford to run.

Whilst designing your new home the Arcline Team will help you choose the right heating system for your home to both suit your budget and your lifestyle. Not only have we helped many other clients with their needs in this area but each of the team has a variety of heating methods in their own homes so have first hand experience with this topic.

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