Virtual Reality Home Design

The dream of being able to walk through your new home and make crucial decisions has come true, through the wonders of VR (Virtual Reality) being used by architects and designers like ourselves. 

Every home we design is a full 3D model, allowing us to create a user controlled walk-through model of your house, allowing you to have a good look and get the full feel of your newly designed home. 

This is not just a 3D model on your computer screen, we actually give you a VR headset to keep, where you open the 3D model on your phone, through a VR app, put your phone in the headset and use the remote control to walk around your house, looking up, down and all around to see the full design of your new home. 

It truly feels like you’re inside it. 

VR in architecture and home design is getting better by the day though…Arcline is researching and embarking on the journey of Augmented Reality, the outcome being where you will be able to walk around your site with the house design superimposed on the landform as it is in real life. This will give you the ultimate feel of what your house will look like, the shapes, sizes and lines that may need to be adjusted and altered to get the perfect ‘look’ you’re after in your dream home. 

The Arcline Team are happy to be some of the first in Northland to be embracing this technology and can’t wait to be designing homes in Doubltless Bay, Kerikeri, the Bay of Islands and all over the Far North which have been run through this process. 

Hands on experience you can trust.

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