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Tiny Homes have very much become a buzz item in New Zealand in the last few years. Many companies are offering standard designs, some of which can go on trailers and be easily transported. We thought we’d give you the option of undertaking your own tiny home design, allowing for custom elements to be used to suit your needs. 

Why Are Tiny Homes So Popular?

We think it’s because they feel cosy. If you’ve ever been inside one they feel small but there’s a feeling of it being ‘all you need’ which is why they’re popular. They’re also a stepping stone to your bigger dream home and can be sold on easily. 


The building cost, yes, seems cheap overall, but per square meter certainly isn’t a deal. With the modern complexities of life living in a tiny home takes you back to basics. You only store what you need, the spaces are all you need, and one piece of furniture is used for multiple activities. 


What does it cost to build a Tiny Home?
For something like our tiny house design shown you’d be looking at around $150,000. And often forgotten items include council costs, service connections (sewer, water, stormwater, power), and landscaping and site works around your tiny home. 

This isn’t cheap per m2. If you take the usable space inside, (21.6m2 downstairs, 8.42m2 on the mezzanine) totaling 30m2, it works out at $5,000/m2. A very standard normal home design would be about $2,500/m2.








Super compact spaces, mezzanine floor bedroom


1 (and a half)


Design Your Own Tiny Home 
The key to successfully designing a tiny home is to make very square inch of the home usable, and making the furniture and utilities multi-use. So instead of having 10 items that do 1 thing, have 1 item that does 10 things. 

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