The Bach – The Perfect Kiwi Holiday Home

Moving into a bach is one of the most exciting parts of a New Zealand summer. The idyllic 3-bedroom house design that has endured for centuries is a lot of fun, but can also be a pain if it needs constant upkeep. We’ve put together this guide to help you determine what makes an excellent bach, from safety, to the materials you’ll need to have a long lasting, low maintenance summer holiday location. 



If you’re looking to build a holiday home, location is one of the most critical factors. Is it close to a beach? Is it in a different town than where you reside? If you’re buying an investment property for rental purposes, consider where people are likely to move to find work in the summer periods, or air bnb in other seasons. 

Location will also dictate your exposure to sunlight, wind or even sand and sea water. You want to have a holiday every time you visit, so considering both the location and position of the house, as well as the materials you use, all play a part in the long-term life and enjoyment of your getaway home. 

It is also worth noting that a bach can have a different meaning to different families, some build them by the beach, some build them by the snow, and some build them in the ranges! Each terrain will have different requirements and restrictions. A simple modern house design, like one with three bedrooms and two bathrooms, can’t do you wrong. 


House Design = Very Little Maintenance

The best beach house is one that requires very little maintenance. It should be designed to last, and built with durable materials that require little or no upkeep, so your summer holiday is not clouded with maintenance and upkeep on the bach. Hardwearing, easy to clean, and need very little care. Otherwise, It’s a lot of work to paint the exterior, and stain the deck every year!


Good design ensures no leaks in the roof or around windows, which can cause mold growth in the seasons you’re not using it, or timber frames to rot and expand rapidly over time. Good bach design also factors in the little features, like sensor lights with inbuilt cameras, and electronic door locks, allowing remote control of the property from anywhere in the world.

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You’ll want to choose durable and easy-to-clean materials. It is also worth it to pick a material that is easy to source for repairs or replacements. Materials also define the way your bach will look, so if you want it to have a particular aesthetic inside or outside, you need to factor this in too. 

You can find a range of materials available, from timber decks and floors to composite decking and siding. A common material the Arcline Team use is aluminium cladding, which doesn’t rust and requires an easy squirt with the hose from time to time. Some constructions require more maintenance than others, so shop around before deciding. 

Layout and storage
Your bach should be laid out to allow you quick and easy access to the things you use daily. It is  essential that you have ample storage for the activities you may do while you are there, and enough space for food! Small town supermarkets over summer are a trip within a trip themselves! and usually only one you want to take once! You may want storage that is built in, or simply space for things to be moved around as needed! 



When thinking about a holiday home in New Zealand, the best thing to do is to get away from the main cities and look for some peace to enjoy the country’s natural beauty. Remember, keeping your bach in good condition is essential so that you and your family can enjoy it for years to come.

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