Technical Feasibility Support For Marae

If your Marae has a building project coming up, you’ll most likely need support to go through the Technical Feasibility stage of the project and funding process. 

Here at Arcline we’ve helped many Marae through this process, and it sets the project up in the best way possible for getting the required funding from Oranga Marae, which is administered by Te Puna Korkiri and the Department of Internal Affairs. 

What does Technical Feasibility mean?

‘Technical Feasibility’ most commonly refers to step 2 in the Marae funding process. This is if in your Marae Development Plan you have desired to upgrade or replace some of your buildings, and the Technical Feasibility stage refers to the scoping, plans, consultant input, and getting permits and consents part of the project.

Funding for Technical Feasibility Support 

As explained on this page, you can get up to $100,000 to help pay for consultants like ourselves, and others such as engineers, surveyors and to help cover the cost of consents with local council. Here are some examples:

  1. Specialist advisor and or author
  2. Environmental assessment, conservation, archaeological and heritage reviews
  3. Design costs such as concept drawings or architectural design plans
  4. Consent and approvals such as heritage authorisation, resource consent, building consent
  5. Maintenance plan
  6. Conservation report
  7. Current condition report of place, structure, property or taonga
  8. Seismic strengthening reports and structural engineering reports
  9. Fire reports
  10. Property valuations reports 
  11. Geological assessment or geotechnical reports

But remember, all applications for technical/feasibility support must have:

  1. A detailed budget setting out costs of the report/s
  2. A quote for services that will be undertaken.

Common Phases within Technical Feasibility Support:

Phase 1 – Feasibility & CAD Concept Plans 

The first phases of the TFS is where we complete a detailed site measure of the existing structures and then prepare CAD Concept Plans covering the above scope items and areas of works. 

Items to be completed in this phase:

– Site Measure-up CAD Concept Designs showing items on project scope 
Project feasibility statement
1x Hui to review draft Concept Plans
Building condition report
Quantity Surveyor Estimate
Topographical Survey including building locations & levels 
Geotechnical (Soil) Report  
Planner Review of Zone & Rules 

Phase 2 – Architectural Working Drawings Initial 

We then take the CAD concept plans to what we refer to as a ‘Developed Design Set’ which is detailing the plans to a sufficient level so subconsultants can provide their input. This then means fire engineers, acoustic engineers, structural engineers, truss designs and other consultants can accurately provide input into the design of your marae buildings, if their services are necessary.

Phase 3 – Engineering/Subconsultant Input

The Architectural plans from Phase 2 are then sent to the required engineers and other subconsultants for their input. This may include, but is not limited to:

– Structural/Foundation Engineering
Civil Engineering
Fire Engineering & Report 
Stormwater(TP10) Engineering
Wastewater Engineering 

Phase 4 – Final Architectural Working Drawings

Once the engineering and other subconsultant input has been received, we can then finalise the architectural drawings, what we call ‘Detailed Plans & Specifications’. This is also when Resource Consent, Building Consent, PIM’s and other Earthworks Consents can be submitted if necessary. 

After Building Consent has been issued, your Marae can then apply for ‘Marae Development Implementation’ where the capital works can be funded, and the project is be handed from Arcline to the main building contractor to carry out the physical works. 


What is the outcome of the Technical/Feasibility step?

The aim of this step of the process is to get all the plans and consents and preconstruction work done so the project is ready to build, before applying for funding and grants to carry out the work. It gives Oranga Marae representatives a good understanding that the project is shovel-ready, and that if they allocate you funds, they’ll be spent wisely and for the benefit of your Marae. 

How We Can Help

We’ve worked with a large list of Marae who have been going through exactly the same process are you are for their project and securing funding. The key to making your project a success is getting an experienced team of consultants onboard to give you the best chance possible at getting the required funding. 

That is why you should reach out to the Arcline Team today, and we’ll help you bring your project to life. 

Hands on experience you can trust.

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