South Island Architecture

As the demand for our services spread we’re finding ourselves indulging and becoming a part of South Island Architecture.

It’s challenging & fun in different ways. The South Island seems to have more flat land available, which could be attributed to the lack of population. This means for (generally speaking) flatter land to build on, but with backgrounds to compliment. 

South Island Architecture – Current Feature Project

The highlight project we’re working on at the moment is a multi-million dollar home in Southland. See the renders below to see this lodge styled home, with the common use of stone, triple gables and a portico. 

As these are only basic renders the real home will look so much nicer, so keep an eye out for progress images of this home being built. 
south-island-architecture-arcline-design (1)
south-island-architecture-arcline-design (3)

Where Are We Working

All over the place. Homes in Westport, a winery in Wanaka, a packhouse in Clyde, this home in Southland, just to name a few. With other projects dotted around the South Island we’re enjoying seeing the sights while doing site visits. Its a beautiful part of the world. 

The South Island Design 

Land in Queenstown, and go for a drive. Within the first 30 minutes you’ll notice some common design themes emerging. The availability of stone for cladding, steep pitched roofs to tie in with the mountain backdrops and tray roofing which seems to be a favorite. 

We try to do two things – both blend in with the common themes but then design your home to be that little bit different. 

Is Distance A Problem?

Thankfully New Zealand is a super easy country to travel around, so within a few hours we can be standing on your site with you, pencil in hand. Air New Zealand’s regional services are brilliant, along with the other smaller airlines helping us travel to more specific locations.  

Usually we only require one site visit for the entire project. Once we’ve seen it, taken photos and videos its in our heads (and on our computers!) forever. Video calls and screen sharing work brilliantly and make it easy to discuss changes and ideas with you online. 

south-island-architecture-arcline-design (2)

Start Your Project Today

If you’re looking to design your dream home, there’s no better time to start than now. The more time you have to mull over concepts, ideas, layouts and materials the better. Building a home will likely be your biggest purchase ever, so good things take time! 

To get your own slice of South Island Architecture, Contact the Arcline Team today.  

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