Roofing Types & Prices – A Guide

Choosing the type of roof for your new home can be difficult. With so many materials and profiles to choose from the New Zealand housing industry is awash with options. In this article we have summarised the most commonly used roofing types in NZ and their prices. 

Please Note: Arcline Architecture does not sell roofing materials or provide project specific pricing. This article is intended only to be a helpful guide. 

(The below prices are approximate only & include both materials & labour to install)

Standard Longrun Roofing (sheets of profiled steel) 

Often termed loosely as ‘COLORSTEEL® roofing‘ or ‘corrugate’, longrun roofing is manufactured from long sheets of steel roll formed into different profiles, or shapes. This type of roofing is sturdy, durable & easy to install. With hundreds of profiles and a great color range to choose from longrun roofing suits any shape of home.  

The main manufacturers of longrun roofing are Metalcraft & Roofing Industries

Price: $80-100/m2 (measure m2 as though the roof is flat) 


Architectural Longrun Roofing

Not all longrun roofing is created equal, which is why manufacturers are bringing out profiles like Espan and Spanlock, to suit the ever hungry NZ Architects with a passion for sharp, clean, lines. 

To put it plainly – this roofing can be pricey, at around two and a half times the cost of common longrun roofing. As these architectural profiles are often clean & wide spans, both the transport and installation has to be completed with great care, adding time & therefore cost to your roof. 

Price: $180/m2

Metal Tiles

With companies like Gerard and Monier offering options for metal tile roofs these are on-par with long run roofing when it comes to price. It simply depends on the look & style of your new home as to whether these will suit. Pressed metal tiles come in a range of shapes, colors & textures to satisfy your design taste.  


Metal tile Satin (shiny finish): $60/m2

Metal tile Textured (stone-chip finish): $65/m2

(Textured approx. $1200 more than a satin for an entire house – price works out same or cheaper than long-run as no purlins needed)


Asphalt Roofing

This type of roofing requires you to clad your entire roof with ply prior to installing the Ashphalt Shingles. The end result looks a lot better than metal tiles, however it does come at around double the cost. 

Price: $120-140/m2

Other Factors Which Affect Roofing Types And Pricing 

Aside from the material & labour to install your roof, factors like the pitch, house location, difficult access, whether your site is windy – all play a part in the cost of your install. You may be close to the coast and need to up-spec your roof to prevent it rusting, or go with a more reputable installer to ensure the job is done to perfection. 

To Conclude: Roofing Types & Prices

We recommend using a process of elimination. Start by looking online at homes you like and take note of what roofing they’ve used. Then dig deeper into the roofing companies websites & focus in on the top 5 or 6 which you like. Ordering samples will assist greatly with the choice, and at the same time be thinking of what color it’ll be, for example for long run roofing use the COLORSTEEL® color chart

And of course, if you wish to find out more information about building your home, budgeting & the best process to use, get in touch with the  Arcline Team

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