Northland Drafting

With most of our draftsman living in Northland, we have a large capacity for Northland drafting projects. Whether you’re looking for a draftsman, designer or Architect we’ve got you covered. 

Drafting (or Draughting) Services We Provide

With our in-house Team (on our Team page) and our home-based subcontractor Team we cover all manner of projects, from minor dwellings to winery designs. Starting with a site visit and sketch concepts we progress your project from a concept to a fully detailed plan, ready to present to council. 
The types of projects we cover: 
  • New Home Designs
  • Garage & Sleepout Designs
  • Classrooms & Entire Schools
  • Learning Centres
  • Town Halls
  • Commercial Buildings 
  • Winerys
  • Marae’s
  • Retirement Villages
  • Cultural Centres

20 Years Designing & Drafting in Northland 

Arcline’s history goes back to the early 2000’s when Alan began designing and drafting homes and buildings around Northland. From running his own home design and build company it was the perfect foundation (pardon the pun) to begin designing and drafting designs in and around Northland. 

Now, having designed hundreds of homes around Northland we’ve got a very good grasp on the many factors at play on each site. Every site is different but there’s also ‘local’ knowledge, that intuitive instinct that comes with years of experience. 

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Draftsman, Architect, or Architectural Designer?

The term ‘draftsman’ is frequently used when referring to someone who is not an Architect or designer and simply draws what you tell them to. Draftsmen (aka draughtsmen) look primarily at the practical aspect of your project and how it will be constructed. On the other hand, Architectural Designers and Architects look at the aesthetics and interaction between the site and surrounding elements and the building itself. 

Both play a critical part in completing a successful project. We have both Architectural Designers and Draftsmen on our team, and also work with registered Architects on projects if their input is required. 

The biggest difference is fees. Draftsmen are generally a lot lower cost than Designers and Architects, however you get a lot less for your money, as they’re most often just drawing what you tell them to. 

You can aso read our Article on ‘Architect vs Architectural Designer’ here

Drafting Project In Northland – We Can Help
If you’ve got a project coming up, whether it be a new home design, building or some other structure that needs architectural input and drafting work, we’d love to help. 

Contact our team today to discuss your project. 

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