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Mangawhai is one of the hot spots for Aucklanders to escape to, and is growing rapidly with large developments on the horizon. Having completed multiple home designs in the area we’re thankful to be included in the Mangawhai Architecture scene.

The Mangawhai Home On This Page

The home pictured on this page is located in the stunning waterfront subdivision called ‘Whai Awa‘. Sections in this development have been selling for between $450,000 and $1,000,000, the latter for the waterfront properties. 

The Arcline Team designed a 3 bedroom 3 bathroom house with double garage, ample living, pool and open fire for our clients on this project. With stunning views, great location to amenities and at the end of a quiet street this is the perfect place to kick back and relax. 

As you can see from the images the home isn’t yet completed. The brickwork is yet to be bagged and painted and the chimney needs its finishing touches. However, the home already looks stunning with its perfect contrast of brick and cedar cladding, combined with the tinted windows.


Mangawhai Architecture – What’s the Process?

With an office in Whangarei our Team are well placed to service the Mangawhai region for Architecture projects. It’s a short 1 hour drive from our office and we’ve always got many work-in-progress projects to pass by on our way. 


The first step of any project is to ensure you’ve secured the plot of land and meet with you on site. We then can discuss your way of life, how you like to live, entertaining options and what your dream is for the project. We then work on sketch concepts with you to determine the approximate size, layout and style of your home. 

As with any good Architecture, its all about the design to begin with, and once that’s confirmed we can then detail how the home will be built. However, here at Arcline we always begin with the end in mind to ensure we’ve got leak free detailing for every junction.


p.s. the above image is of the same site, a few months earlier. Now you know what we mean when we say ‘bringing designs to life’!

Building in Mangawhai – What to Expect 
Even though Mangawhai is a coastal township, it has great amenities and lies about halfway between Auckland and Whangarei. This is a great location for supply as its far enough from Auckland to be away from the crowds but close enough to have everything you need. 

The key with a residential build is to restrain from rushing the project. Pushing builders and other trades to do things quickly often leads to an incomplete job or something not quite being thought through properly. Yes, you may gain a few weeks but its not worth it in the long run. 

On average homes in New Zealand are built within 10-12 months. So ensure you’ve got a great relationship with your builder and ultimately they’ll be from Mangawhai or nearby so you can catch up with them often. 

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Arcline Architecture Projects Around Mangawhai
With a number of projects completed in Mangawhai Village and Mangawhai Heads, along with plenty of projects over the hill in Langs Beach, Maungaturoto and Wellsford, we’re very familiar with the area. 

We’ve designed everything from a one bedroom cottage to a 7 bedroom family home in the Kaipara Region, so whatever your needs, wants and preferred style we’re able to help.  

With the new Mangawhai Central project well underway, including a new town centre, supermarket and Bunnings (amid other largescale development) we’ll be have a lot of work to do in the area in coming years. 


Begin Your Project Today 
Designing and building a home takes time. (at least 18 months!) So begin your project today by speaking with the Arcline Architecture team. 

If you are buying or own land in Mangawhai or nearby we’d love to chat about your project. 

Call the team on 09 408 2233 or submit a contact form here to have a preliminary discussion with an expert.

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