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Architects and Architectural designers often use the phrase “form follows function” to describe their work, but what does that actually mean? The idea behind form and function goes much deeper than deciding whether your house will have a toilet in the bathroom. 

The function is more about how things work together, and form is more about how they look. Together, these two elements make up the foundation of any design. This article details the latest house design ideas to create your dream home.


Behind the Scenes of House Designing


When you design a house, you have so many decisions to make. You and your architect will talk about what house design ideas you want, the practical aspects, and the fun ones. For example, you might want a completely custom home floor plan because your lifestyle or desire requires three living spaces or an office with a mezzanine so you can keep your musical instruments out of harm’s way. Luxury home design can come in many different shapes and forms, and to some, luxury may just be having a spare room! 

But what about the really cool features that make a house a home? Let’s discuss. 




Stylish Kitchen Design Features


Your kitchen. It’s the heart of your home and it should be as functional as it is beautiful. To both make your life easier, and impress your guests (and yourselves) have you considered: 

Wine fridges

Wine fridges are very popular in new builds where entertaining is the purpose of the kitchen space. A wine fridge stores wine bottles in a built-in wine cooler that keeps them at the perfect temperature for drinking, even when they’re on display. You can either have a wine fridge facing out like a modern china cabinet, or tucked away under your bench.


Walk-in Pantry or Scullery 

A walk-in pantry can be an exceptionally useful addition to a kitchen, both for organisation and for storage. You can have all your large appliances, food, baking equipment and even liquor tucked away from your kitchen space. It’s popular today to have a butlers pantry, with a sink in a walk-in pantry and extra bench space to have a preparation area that can get messy and be shut away behind a door. A walk-in pantry may be considered a luxury home design feature, but just like a walk-in wardrobe, the idea behind them is practical and functional. 


Integrated Appliances 

A European favorite. By integrating your appliances (fridge, dishwashers, etc) behind the faces of your cabinetry it can help the kitchen look clean, sharp and modern. We get so used to seeing these, but it’s a breath of fresh air when all of these appliances are now just cupboard doors. 


A Homely Bedroom



Walk-in wardrobes have been around a long time, and can be as simple as a sliding door with deep storage behind it, or as lavish as an entire room with dedicated spaces for clothes, shoes and accessories. A walk-in wardrobe will not only maximise your storage space, but it also reduces the amount of furniture you will need in your room to store your clothes and accessories. 


Built-in Cabinetry

A costly addition, but oh-so-stylish. Instead of traditional free standing dressers and side tables, a cabinet maker can craft these to exactly your requirements and built them into the space. This gives the bedroom a modern look and really completes the room.  


Cosy Bathrooms


Heated flooring
A room used multiple times a day, the bathroom can sometimes only be considered in the design process when it comes to aesthetics. But good house design ideas go deeper than just the colour of the tiles or the intensity of the fan for moisture reduction. Having a heated floor can be a simple, but comforting addition to your home. Heated flooring can be more energy efficient than an everyday heater or AC unit, and can also contribute to better insulation. A heated floor is nice on your toes on a crisp winter morning, and a cosy addition to your bathroom year round. 

bathroom-white-marble-gold-fixtures-taps-handles-fully-tiled-arcline-architecture (2)



Do you want a garage? Do you want more than one garage? Do you want a working space within the garage so you don’t have to have a shed on your back lawn? Garages can serve many purposes in your home. Beyond keeping your car safe and being able to go straight from your home to your can without going outside, garages can be workshops with benches and large tools, or even a work from home office space. The latest house design has garages with carpeting that are built for wear and tear, so no matter the use of your garage, it can be a comfortable space. 


Outdoor Living Space


Fire Pits
Fire pits can seem a bit novel, but they provide hours of fun and entertainment. No matter the age of your guests, as the night progresses, everyone can stay up late to enjoy them and avoid getting chilly. A fire pit is a unique home design feature that doesn’t need much maintenance. You can design them to be circular or square with some sunken seating around them. 


Other Areas

In addition to the bedrooms, other areas of the home should also reflect your personality. If you like to entertain, think about a bar. If you love to cook, consider a kitchen that opens to the outdoors. Having an accessible rooftop can be great for entertaining, enjoying alone time with a book, or relaxing daydreaming.
Designing the perfect home doesn’t have to be completely traditional, talk to us today about creating the home that’s right for you. 
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