homeAR – Inside Your Home Before Its Built

homeAR have done an amazing job of making augmented reality available to New Zealand architects & designers. In short, this is next level design walk-through tool which we’ve just started using.

homeAR Augmented Reality 

Watch the homeAR video below showing their app in use: 

How is this different to what we’re already doing?
Up until now the Arcline Team has effectively used Virtual Reality to give you a virtual walkthrough of your home. (view the video here) This has been a 3D interactive model which can be put into VR goggles and a tour be taken of your home. We will still be using this tool for most of our projects. 

However homeAR is so much better…

It allows you to take your 3D home design to your site, place the home on the site and actually walk through the home, to scale. This allows you to look out the windows and see what you’ll actually see when the house is built – amazing!

Can Arcline do this for my project?
Yes, however as this is very early days there will be a small fee associated with putting your home into a format that the homeAR app can read. 

Below photos have been sourced from the homear.io website:

example of VR home in situ with building site in background

Does it work if my site is steep?
Not really, unless you use scaffolding to create the floor levels (that’s a bit extreme!). It works best on flat sites where the ground you’re working on is going to be a similar height to the floor level. 

It’s still an amazing tool that will continue to be developed as time moves on. 

Augmented Reality 
Whether we like it or not, Augmented Reality is here to stay. It’s blurring the lines between electronics and reality, mixing the two together in impressive ways.

It’s allowing us to interact with computer designed items rather than waiting 6 months and spending several hundred thousand on the project with little idea of what it’s going to look like once finished. 

If you’re planning your next home design project, contact the Team to discuss how we can use homeAR to make those difficult decisions easier. 

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