5 Tips for Building in Northland

Being based in Northland, we find many of our clients (like you) are shifting from outside the region and are building in Northland. 

Firstly, you’re in for a treat. With lush landscapes, tropical climate, and beaches aplenty, Northland offers a unique canvas for creating your dream home. However, building in this part of the country comes with its own set of challenges and considerations, as with every region. 

To help you navigate the process smoothly, we’ve compiled five key tips for building in Northland. These are tips we’ve learnt over our 30 year history of designing and building homes in the region, yes – since 1993! 

1) Embrace the Shade 

Northland’s balmy climate means that shade is your best friend. Visitors also have been known to quite literally cook themselves in their desire to soak up Vitamin D, which is why in the homes we design we always ensure there’s shade aplenty.  

So when designing your home, consider covered outdoor spaces to provide respite from the sun’s intense rays. Many of our clients like covered outdoor areas, and some go for louvres, allowing them to open and close the roof as needed, depending on the weather.  By strategically positioning these design elements, whilst considering wind and rain, you can strike the perfect balance between sunshine and shade, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors year-round.

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2)  Positioning Your Home

The orientation of your home plays a crucial role in optimizing comfort and energy efficiency, especially in Northland’s climate. Take into account the path of the sun, prevailing winds, and natural features of your site like view lines and access when positioning your home. 

Aim to minimize exposure to the harsh afternoon and westerly heat by placing living areas and outdoor spaces on the cooler eastern side. Additionally, consider situating the master bedroom on the eastern side so you wake up with the sun pouring in. Placing the garage to the south can help buffer the home from prevailing winds and provide additional shelter.

3) Horizontal Rain

What is this you ask!?

Here in Northland we have a unique ability to have suitable rain and wind simultaneously, which in turn gives us horizontal rain. Just because your outdoor gazebo or pergola may have a roof, doesn’t mean the rain won’t get inside. 

The region also has the ability to cover all four seasons within a day, so its good to consider dry outdoor areas for washing, and outdoor entertaining, should the unexpected shower arrive.  Incorporating covered entryways and windbreaks can help shield your home from strong gusts and driving rain, enhancing both comfort and durability.


4) Sand, Salt & Corrosion 

With the sheer number of beaches at our fingertips, and the vast majority of homes in Northland being built so close to the coast, you’ll learn quickly about sand, salt and corrosion. When designing our homes, we use materials that will withstand the harsh sea breezes that carry salt air into every nook and cranny of your home, and products that are easy to wash and maintain. 

Many of our clients also opt to include outdoor showers in their design, which are great for washing off in after a day at the beach. These, along with areas to wash the ute, boat and beach equipment, and possibly even a fish filleting bench with water plumbed in, make beach life a breeze.

5) Expansive Clay (Soil)

As you’ve probably guessed expansive clay quite literally expands and contracts throughout the season, depending on the water content in the soil. It’s a common geological feature in Northland, and an area where our Northland roots prove very useful, after hundreds of projects founded on clay. 

Depending on the location, size and characteristics of your site, we have a network of experienced Geotechnical Engineers who assess the soil conditions on your site and recommend appropriate foundation designs and soil stabilization techniques. By taking proactive measures, you can minimize the risk of foundation damage and ensure the long-term stability of your home.

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Building in Northland is a privilege. With hundreds of kilometers of beaches and coastline, it’s an amazing part of the country not only to explore, but to live. Our Design Team have been privileged to live, work and play in the region for many years, and with Arcline’s beginnings in 1993 we have quite the number of successful projects behind us. 

We’d love to work with you, on your build project in Northland. 

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