3D Printed Homes

There’s been talk for several years now of 3D Printed Homes so we thought we’d give it a go. However, there is one key difference – our home is somewhat more of a model, being only a 75th of the size of the actual house. 

3D Printing the Kerikeri Residence 

We’ve had 3D printed models of our designs in the past but this is definitely the most spectacular.

The clients for this project approached us after moving to Kerikeri from the South Island. They wanted a stunning home to fit nicely within their amazing site on the fringe of the Kerikeri township. 
Mature landscaping and trees surround the site with a lake only metres away from the large cantilevered outdoor area. With the kitchen, dining and living area having a very high stud the volume is spectacular, which our 3D printed version of the house helps display.

Seeing Your Home in Reality 
Since the build is still work in progress our clients have actually been able to see their house in real life – at a 75th of the size of what it will finally be! 

Using models to explore shadows, form and shape has been used in the Architecture industry for many many years. However, model making is time consuming and clients will not often pay Architects to spend hours putting together a cardboard model. 

This is why we’ve opted to use 3D printing technology to create a model of this home, by using the exported virtual model from our drafting programs. 
Model making is one of the many ways design options can be explored. And who doesn’t get excited over a model like this! 

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A Removable Roof
Due to the accuracy of 3D printers nowadays, everything within the house fits together like a glove, to the last millimetre. Also, the roof is printed separately allowing it to be positioned on top of the walls for the perfect fit. 

This means that the roof can easily be removed so the interior of the house can be explored, the beds, furniture, and even people! 


Get Your Very Own Model
If you’ve got a house or building design project on the horizon, speak to the Arcline Team today to discuss how we can help with the design and consenting stages. 

Along with this we can assist with arranging your very own 3D printed house model for your project. 

We’d love to have a chat. Contact our team today to discuss. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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