3D House Design

Designing your forever home may be a daunting task if you struggle to visualise 3D objects & spaces, so to help with this we’ve been embracing 3D house design software to help our clients out. 

For the last 10+ years at Arcline we’ve been using various different tools to design in 3D. Firstly, we use ArchiCAD and Revit as our primary drafting software, both of which design the house as a 3D model. This allows us to work on the structure of the home and all the material components and fixings. 

We can then export a basic 3D model into another software we use called Twinmotion. In simple terms, this is a basic gaming software, which we’ll explain below.

Using Twinmotion for 3D House Design

 After importing our house models into Twinmotion, by using a simple interface we can add colors, textures, people, surrounding landscaping and other features to bring the house to life. We can then adjust seasons, sunlight, shadows and even weather (yes, we can make it rain or snow!) to bring the house to life. 

We can also add moving people, adults conversing and children playing to add a further dose of reality. 
Once we’re happy with how the model is looking and feeling, we can export a video of it, or static images to send to our clients to explore. See the below video of a recent 3D house design we’ve been working on. 

House Design Using Virtual Reality 

With most of our Team using ArchiCAD as the primary design software, we can export our models to what’s called a ‘BIMx’ model. BIMx then has an app which we ask our clients to install on their phones, and they can explore their home by using simple commands on their phone to navigate their way through their home design. 

This is a huge help to looking at room sizes, window and door locations and sizes, and getting a feeling for the spaciousness of their new home design. 

VR Goggles

A cool feature of BIMx is the ability to slide your smartphone into the front of a set of VR goggles, allowing you to immerse yourself in your new home. Although there is a downside of this option, it has been known to give people motion sickness! 

Most clients prefer to explore their home either on their smartphone or tablet just using hand gestures, giving better control of the app. 

virtual reality goggles and controller

The Benefits of 3D House Design   

One of the biggest benefits of using ArchiCAD, Revit & Twinmotion for 3D house design is that it allows clients to see the design from every angle. With traditional 2D blueprints, you may have a difficult time visualizing how the design will look in real life. However, with a 3D model, you can see every detail of the design, from the layout of the rooms to the placement of furniture. This makes it easier to make informed decisions about the design and make any necessary changes before construction begins.

Time to Design Your Home in 3D
If you’re thinking of designing a family home, bach or forever home, we’d love to be your 3D guides, taking your hand through the design process and helping you bring your dreams to a reality. 

To find out more, and to begin your project, get in touch with the  Arcline Team today

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