2023 Donations & Sponsorships

We at Arcline Architecture take pride in our sponsorship and donation efforts towards a variety of worthy causes in our community. 

Whether it’s supporting emergency services or education, we recognize that any additional contribution can be immensely beneficial to these organizations that provide valuable services to the people of New Zealand. Please refer to the list below for some of the charities and entities that we will be supporting through sponsorships in 2023.

NEST – Rescue Helicopter – Silver Sponsor 

A number of our Teams close family have used NEST (Northland Emergency Services Trust) Helicopter during emergencies on several occasions, so we deeply appreciate their expertise and dedication to saving lives in Northland. Covering one of the largest regions and distances of any rescue helicopter in New Zealand, they continuously display their commitment to rescuing and transporting individuals in need, ultimately saving lives each day. As a Silver Sponsor of NEST in 2023, Arcline is honored to support their efforts.

St John – Ambulance 

Arcline are proud to support our local Hato Hone St John Team to enable them to purchase new equipment for their fleet of ambulances in 2023. These are mainly volunteers who give their valuable time and effort to save lives every day in our community. A big thanks to the team at Hato Hone St John. 


Rapid Relief Team – Smarrt Supporter 
The Rapid Relief Team (RRT) is a global organisation supporting those in need. Whether it be an urgent response to assist firefighters at a bushfire or providing hay to drought-stricken farmers, the RRT Team serves communities worldwide, including right here in Northland. We’re extremely proud to support RRT again in 2023. 


1 in 6 Kiwi kids live in poverty, and KidsCan are on a mission to change that. That’s why we’ve decided to donate this year to help KidsCan support children in need of food, clothing and support, which gives them a better chance at life. Being suitably fed and dressed makes children learn better, helping the next generation of Kiwi kids to be smarter! 


Other Donations & Sponsorships 
We also support other worthy causes such as local Fire Brigades, Hospice, Big Buddy and Womens Refuge – all helping mankind in need. Big Buddy matches boys without dads to volunteer mentors, helping young men grow into respectable, good men. Hospice cares for our elderly and Womens Refuge look after women in need. 

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