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Residential Architecture is our forte. We’ve been changing families lives for the last 30 years – designing functional and desirable homes which last the test of time. Designing and building a home will likely be the single biggest purchase you’ll make, in your entire life. So to begin the process our team is patient and helpful to ensure all your design questions are answered.

With a proven reputation for designing homes around New Zealand, we pride ourselves on reliable, factual advice and local expertise to guide you through the design process and begin your build project. Put your confidence in a team that will confidently design you a home that fits your budget, meets your needs, and surpasses your expectations.

Our Process page explains how it works. The first step is a site visit. Before we discuss any layout options we look at your site and its external features, the sun, and shadows, prevailing winds and rain, where service connections are, the proximity of neighbours, and any special visual characteristics of the location.

You’ll also want to think about where children or pets will play if you want windows to face both front and back lawns or the house to sit in a particular position. At this stage, you should also know if you want a garage, how many bedrooms and bathrooms you want, and any entertaining areas that you want that may require some extra thought.

The layout of your home follows, and if you’ve got some home floor plan ideas and some photos of house designs you like, we start with these and adapt them to suit the site and your project desires and dreams. Going to open homes, visiting design studios, and saving inspiration on Pinterest are some great places to get ideas.

This is where we can also discuss the potential integration of eco features in your home architecture plan. We have a lot of experience designing homes that have a minimum impact on the environment and that are made with approved materials. Nature itself can also play a part in the design of your home, using sun and fauna to provide comfort without having to create it yourself is an important consideration in the design process. You may also want a recycled water system, solar panels, and to look into appliances with a good energy star rating. You also want to think about what rooms will need ventilation, water, and drainage, not that they would be in any unexpected places! Or would they?…

Designing a home is a process full of options and decisions, and it’s our job to ensure we help you to make these choices correctly, so you’ll be overwhelmed with the beauty and practicality of your new home.


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It’s human nature to struggle to visualise something that isn’t actually in front of you. A common challenge clients come to us with is they have ‘something’ in their head but they just can’t get it down on paper. Daily we’re bringing peoples dreams to life, to reality, and don’t be scared that you’ll make a mistake as now with the use of Virtual Reality and 3D Printing we can create your home before its built, allowing you to be clear as to the design, size, layout and feel of your new home.

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Building a home is complex and sophisticated and the building industry jargon is another language. As each of our team is working in the industry 10 hours a day we’ve got templates and processes which streamlines each project, rather than you having to learn everything yourself. With a team of engineers and sub-consultants at our fingertips we can manage your project from start to finish, look after it through Council and the next thing you’ll know is you’ve got all consents and are ready to start building.
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A little extra planning and detail can go along way in saving unwanted and unnecessary costs once you start building. Because we started out as builders we can accurately select materials and finishes which are the same quality but reduce the impact on your pocket. Simple design rules like making hallways 1220mm instead of 1200mm to fit a GIB sheet save the builders and therefore you – time and money. Even if you’re building an elaborate dream home with an unlimited budget, a penny saved is a penny earnt.


With a simple & easy to follow project process the Arcline Team guides you from the initial sketch ideas right through to council consented plans and specifications, ready for your builder to start work the following day. We bring the collaboration of many sub-consultants into one easy, stress free process. 

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We’re a team of Architectural Designers and Project Managers creating great designs on time and on budget. Designing across all sectors of the Construction Industry, we have a wealth of experience in New Homes, Commercial Architecture, Educational Architecture and Ecohomes. 

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