West Coast Architecture

Over the last year we’ve been privileged to design a large amount of West Coast Architecture.

We’ve been working with South Peak Homes to deliver affordable yet stylish homes to the West Coast communities of Westport, Greymouth, Blackball and Hokitika. With all the homes built in a factory, this increases build speed and quality, with no setbacks due to weather and additional moisture gathering in the structure.

After being designed and consented, the homes are built in the factory and then safely trucked to site. See the below video of this ‘Mantell’ design on the move to its new home in Cape Foulwind.

West Coast Architecture – Designing For The Region

Because New Zealand has such a diverse set of landscapes, scenery and microclimates, different design methods are used in different areas. On the West Coast we need to be sympathetic with the landscape, which is why on this design we used the peak shaped roofs to mimic the mountainous landscapes around the South Island.

Within the West Coast there are three district councils; Buller District CouncilGrey District Council & Westland District Council. Each controls a region of land down the stunning West Coast of New Zealand, as seen on the West Coast website here

One thing we’ve got to be very careful about when designing West Coast architecture is rainfall. It is widely known that they can receive a tremendous quantity of rainfall within a few hours, and without proper design, downpipes cannot cope and gutters will overflow. 


Cape Foulwind – So Rugged, So Beautiful 


The cliffs seen in the above photo display a small portion of the stunning cliffs around Cape Foulwind. We’ve been designing a number of homes on the Cape, and there’s something so attractive about the rugged, rough atmosphere surrounding these sites. 

(take another look in the top right of that picture, you’ll see the home delivered, ready for decking) 

South Peak Homes – From Our Place To Your Space 

South Peak Homes was formed by a family who realised the lack of affordable new homes in the West Coast district. By opting to build these homes in the safety of a factory, they’ve been able to dodge the storms and winds of the coast and deliver quality homes in a timely manner. 

These aren’t just cheap homes, they’re built using durable, proven materials. With an over-specified timber floor, 90mm LVL framing, Metrapanel ceiling and entirely wrapped in IBS RigidWrap before the cladding is fixed, the home really has two skins. 

South Peak Homes can deliver all over the South Island, it’s only a few more hours on the truck on delivery day. Every home is designed by the Arcline Architecture team so the builders are working from a quality set of working drawings for every home. 


Thinking of Building on the West Coast?

Whether you’re moving to the West Coast or live there already, there’s nothing quite like a brand new home to live in. The region is full of activities – tramps, trout fishing, whitebait fishing to name a few, it’s a stunning location. 

So find your section and begin your project with South Peak Homes, and know that your plans for your home are in the safe hands of Arcline Architecture. 

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