Retirement Village Design: Our Top Tips

Our elders deserve what’s best for them, so when designing Retirement Villages its important to keep the end user front and centre of mind. 

At Arcline, we strive to design retirement homes and villas with simple accessibility and handy features to allow our seniors to live in a healthy, safe home, surrounded by their friendly community. We help retirement village development managers masterplan and implement their village, ensuring suitable spaces indoors and outdoors for their residents to enjoy. 


Shown above: Arvida Te Puna Waiora Village in Kerikeri, Far North 

Architecture For Aged-Care 

Working on an aged care design project is not like designing group homes on individual sites. It’s a must to consider  the overall design to offer full accessibility, high durability, and a healthy living standard for future residents. It’s about optimising the villa or apartment design to ensure super low maintenance and ease of living. 

Interior Design For Retirement Villages 

Aged care interior design is crucial to ensure senior residents can keep a self-sufficient lifestyle as long as possible. Creating villa designs that give them the space and intimacy they need without cutting them off from the community is critical. The retirement projects Arcline have been involved with – we design highly accessible spaces with extra-wide doorways and easy flow throughout, and ensure the building is Homestar certified. 


Moreover, every home should be designed with easy-to-clean bathrooms, carpets and tiles, as well as easy-to-reach kitchen cabinets and vanities to allow residents to keep their pride and manage their household by themselves. Ensure LED lighting for visibility, accessible door handles, door locks and automatic doors are included. Navigation must be simplified with good signage and visibility, grab rails and hoists, hearing aid loops and handrails throughout the home. 


Another priority is sustainability, like implementing water reusing systems and solar energy solutions to meet Greenstar and Homestar Certificate requirements. 

Exterior Design For Retirement Villages 

As much as putting great care into creating interior designs for residents’ autonomy and contractors’ economy is essential, the exterior spaces around the retirement village must also be considered. Creating communal spaces where residents feel at ease and want to interact with each other and the village is a must.  


Village Amenities & Spaces 
By adding extra spaces like gyms, pools, cabana’s, gazebo’s, exceptional landscaping and footpaths makes the village super inviting to potential residents. These turn what would be a bland village into a thriving mini-town, with nearby amenities within short walking distance. 


These extra spaces also ensure the village attracts a wide range of buyers.

Getting Your Village Project Underway  

With over 30 years of design experience, the Arcline design teams are ultra skilled in aged-care and retirement village design. If you’ve got a project on the horizon, reach out to our team to discuss your project today. Simply contact us and we’ll get discussions underway. 

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