Builder, Architect, or Architectural Designer?

You’re looking to build a home – should you use a Builder, Architect, or Architectural designer?

This is one of the first questions you come across when thinking about building a new home. 
To help break this question down, lets first explain each type:

A general builder’s sole purpose is to project manage and build your home. Some building companies offer complete design and build packages but remember – designing a home and building a home are two completely different skillsets. 

An Architect is a qualified university-trained person, with letters after their name. Architects have spent many hours studying architecture, learning about form, shape & light to name a few of the topics. You’ll generally pay a fairly substantial sum to get an Architect to design your home.

Architectural Designer:
These are designers that usually haven’t been to university and therefore can’t call themselves ‘Architects’. They design and create architecture, and usually have a design licence which allows them to sign off buildings. Architectural designers are typically in a lower price range than Architects but have the experience of builders and Architects combined so are a great choice.

So, who should you use?

It depends what your project is. If you’re looking to build an off-the-shelf, basic home, go straight to a builder or group building company. If you’re looking for a custom designed home with Architectural input yet don’t have an infinitive budget, use an Architectural Designer. And if your budget is the sky and you’re willing to really go all out – use an Architect. 

Now – to set the record straight, here at Arcline we’re a Team of Architects & Architectural Designers, backed with many years of on-the-tools building knowledge. So long story short, we’re the complete package. Our clients get input from all three angles, plus our Project Managers who have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to designing & building. 

The benefits of using an Architect or Architectural Designer are that you get to put your project out for tender, once your plans are complete. If you start off with a builder, they more often than not tie you into a contract at the beginning. The largest cost of building a new home is the actual building and construction and this means you can’t get price comparisons if you are already locked into a contract with a builder. 

So, what would we recommend? 

We recommend you kick things off with an Architectural Designer or Architect, and then during the design process get input from builders you may use to make sure the build is within your budget and will be simple and easy to construct. 

…and why Arcline?

Because we once were builders. Starting out in the early 1990’s as builders, then moving to design and build, and now for the last 15 years solely focusing on design only, we’ve got the structural ‘putting things together’ mindset mixed with a heavy focus on design & practicality. This means we’re able to accurately design your home to your budget, without spending hours on a design that’s simply too expensive.

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