A Day Exploring The Landing

As a well deserved 2021 reward for the Arcline Team we arranged something unique and special – a full day at The Landing – a luxury resort on the shores of the Bay of Islands.

The Landing is a private property with four residences designed by Cheshire Architects – The Cooper Residence, Gabriel Residence, Vineyard Villa and The Boathouse. Arcline hired The Boathouse for the day, enjoying the shaded outdoor area on the shores of the private beach for what is undoubtedly the best training venue in the world!


Why We Went To The Landing

All great Teams need training and time to spend together whilst not actually ‘doing work’. So we arranged to meet Mike Clark, a business and team trainer at The Landing for a session to look at how we could improve as a Team. Following a morning and short afternoon training session, whilst enjoying all that The Boathouse Residence had to offer, we were then taken on a tour of the other three residences on the property. 


Stunning Architectural Designs
Amidst the immaculately cared for landscaping and vineyards are the four main residences. The designs of these are truly spectacular and we would comfortably say within the top 1% of Architecture in New Zealand. 

All of the homes were designed by Cheshire Architects and are each a masterpeice in their own right. The use of natural timbers, concrete and stone give the homes an earthy, homely vibe. The smell of the natural timbers hits you as soon as you enter the homes, giving you an immediate sense of quality and the connection with nature. 
As an Architecture firm ourselves we’d like to congratulate Pip and Nat Cheshire and their team for their input into this amazing slice of paradise in Northland. 



The Residences 

If you’re wishing to enjoy this slice of paradise you can be a guest at one of the four residences. Each has its own private location on the property, with its own style of Architecture and perfectly designed spaces to enjoy during your stay. 


As Architectural Designers, Draftsmen and Project Managers we were suitably impressed by the design and workmanship of these four homes. Each was perfectly choreographed into its surroundings with deep thought given to every aspect of the design. See below a very select range of pictures from each residence – we don’t want to spoil the surprise when you visit! 


The Boathouse 
The Boathouse Residence was where the Arcline Team spent most of the day. Situated on the shores of Wairoa Bay it has extensive living areas flowing out on every side to outdoor entertaining areas. The large rock retaining wall bordering the beach protects the property from the seawater whilst giving an elevation that feels commanding over the pristine waters of the bay.

Inside, timber clad walls and ceilings give the special and quality smell of New Zealand timber. A small living area beside the concrete kitchen feels cosy and warm with an open fire to one side. In the rear of the building and upstairs are two bedrooms and a bathroom, all similarly lined with timber. 

The Boathouse is a simple, luxury building – perfect for two couples to relax and unwind. Its all about the outdoors – large sliding barn doors open wide to give the interior an outdoor sense. It makes you feel part of the environment, whilst being homely and comfortable at the same time.


The Vineyard Villa
Following our time at The Boathouse we visited the Vineyard Villa, named appropriately for its setting within the vineyards. This three bedroom, two bathroom residence has its own set of stunning features. Natural stone walls, concrete, stone tiles and the use of timber lining instead of traditional GIB board is beautifully attractive. 

Large, over-wall stacking timber sliding doors open the living area entirely to the outside environment. This truly transports the inside of the home to the outside, flowing out onto the perfectly mown grass and away to the view. A large covered infinity pool sits behind the home, hidden from the main views and living spaces. 

Three double bedrooms are set to the rear of the house, private and away from the main living spaces. An outdoor area on both sides of the home give multiple locations for entertaining. 

The Gabriel Residence 
Back towards the sea is the Gabriel Residence, named after its owners. This large, spacious home has more living spaces than you’ll believe and has a space for every activity – from reading a book, enjoying company with friends, getting through some work tasks or simply relaxing. 

With high timber ceilings, three large indoor lounges, two bedroom suites and the main kitchen area the upstairs is a large house alone. To the rear of the home is a sheltered outdoor area, and not to be missed are the two other outdoor spaces at either ends of the home, giving ample options for outdoor activities depending on the wind direction and sun. 

Downstairs is another two bedroom suites and their own living space. The home is lined and fitted to perfection, with every last detail thought of and completed in the most quality way possible. 


The Cooper Residence 
Last but certainly not least, is the largest home and the owners residence at The Landing – The Cooper Residence. This is named after Peter Cooper, the founder and creator of the Landing. 

The home has five bedrooms, again multiple indoor and outdoor living spaces and the most amazing of all – a stone turret with an outdoor space on top, bedroom on the middle floor and wine cellar below. Again, the quality of the architectural finishing and the furniture, artwork and artifacts is astounding.

Situated in the centre of the property, with enough elevation to give stunning views out to the Bay of Islands, the Cooper Residence is really the masterpiece of The Landing. In turn, it comes with the highest price to pay for a nights accommodation. 


Well Worth The Visit 
We’d like to extend a warm thanks to Peter Cooper and his Team at The Landing for hosting us for the day and giving us a guided tour through each of the Residences. It’s truly a slice of paradise and we feel privileged to enjoy it for a few hours. 

We’ll definitely be back! 

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